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Don’t Mock Obama, Just Obama Superfans


Contrary to everyone else’s reporting, National Public Radio reporter Elizabeth Blair insisted on Wednesday night’s All Things Considered that Second City’s show “Barack Stars,” now playing in Washington, is “pretty raucous and irreverent.” But Blair doesn’t cite Obama as a target. Rahm Emanuel’s a “pit bull” and Joe Biden’s “one giant, run-on sentence,” but Obama is primarily mocked for how much people love him. “Everyone’s fair game in ‘Barack Stars,’” Blair insists, “including Barack fans.”

MAN: Can Obama really turn Guantanamo into the next Six Flags?

CHORUS: Yes he can! Yes he can!

MAN: But can he really make smoking good for you?

CHORUS: Yes he can! Yes he can!

Blair’s not very convincing in suggesting “everyone’s fair game.” This is a lame example of how Obama’s statements on the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on gays in the military are turned into humor:

WOMAN: At ease, soldiers. I am here to talk to you about a policy called don’t ask, don’t tell. Now, this thing’s been working fine for a while, but now we’ve got to change it because we’re very shorthanded in certain areas of the world right now. So from now on, don’t ask, don’t tell will be called don’t leave. Don’t leave! Please, don’t leave!

Blair offered nothing about the anti-conservative humor in the show. In the Washington Post Company’s free commuter tabloid Express on Thursday, Nathan Martin added the detail that Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh perform a ’50s-style duet on being “as awful as awful can be.” He concluded the show is for Obama fans: “Jokes are rooted in politics but rarely penetrate the surface level, giving an already-in-the-tank audience plenty of opportunity for shoulder-patting.”


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