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Hugo’s Poodles Find Iranian Protesters ‘Somewhat Suspect’


On Monday’s broadcast of Democracy Now! on Pacifica Radio, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa demonstrated how the Latin American left will follow the geopolitical lead of Hugo Chavez like poodles. If Hugo supports Ahmadinejad, then the Iranian protesters are loco, their protests “can’t be explained.”

AMY GOODMAN: Let me ask you about President Chavez and his comments recently supporting the Iranian president Ahmadinejad. What are your views toward what’s happening right now in the disputed Iranian elections?

PRESIDENT RAFAEL CORREA: [translated] We’ve spoken with our chargé d’affaires in Tehran, and he tells me that it’s an exaggerated reaction, because President Ahmadinejad won by too large a margin. We’re talking about at least six million votes. All the surveys show that he was the winner. So this reaction on the part of the opposition can’t be explained. Now, I don’t want to meddle in internal Iranian affairs, but a response of this sort vis-a-vis such a broad victory is somewhat suspect.

Correa even suggested that murdered Iranian protesters may not mean “repression, violation of human rights and so forth.”

AMY GOODMAN: And the killings of a number of the protesters, do you condemn that?

PRESIDENT RAFAEL CORREA: [translated] Well, one would have to see in what situation those deaths took place. We’re talking about a country of 80 million, in which there have been serious street protests. I am not familiar with the specific conditions in which the lamentable deaths have taken place. Everybody should lament their deaths and be in solidarity with the victims and their families. But obviously, if there’s protest and violence in a country of 80 million, it’s likely that such things can come to pass without that necessarily meaning repression, violations of human rights and so forth. But all the investigations should be undertaken to determine.


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