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Huffington Hypocrites


Bill O’Reilly devoted a segment Wednesday night to a new Culture and Media Institute study on the voluminous pornography found on YouTube. The Huffington Post mocked it alongside a video clip Thursday:

Now, we applaud the Fox News host’s determination to keep pornography away from children, however it’s puzzling why O’Reilly and his producers felt the need to show clips of porn from YouTube during his discussion of the dangers it poses. And not just a single clip, or a quick montage: O’Reilly aired extended montages of multiple YouTube porn clips…We assume there was nothing cynical in O’Reilly’s decision to titillate his audience with long porn montages while railing against the dangers of porn.

So O’Reilly exploits sex for ratings? The only problem with Huffington Posties leveling that charge is that inches away on the computer screen is their Thursday list of Most Popular articles, which includes “Lindsey Lohan TOPLESS on Twitter” and iPorn Girls Enliven Apple Conference (SLIDESHOW).


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