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No Air Time for Michelle’s Axe


Michelle Obama’s chief of staff Jackie Norris was quietly “replaced” over the weekend, which raised the question: How did the Obama-oglers at NBC cover it? Here’s Norris showing up in the Brian Williams two-hour prime-time fawnathon last week:

WILLIAMS: Americans are already flooding the new first lady with messages, greetings and special requests.

JACKIE NORRIS: These are letters that are sent to the first lady.

WILLIAMS: Mrs. Obama’s team, led by chief of staff Jackie Norris, handles all the mail, like this letter from an eight-year-old girl.

NORRIS: (Reading) “Dear Mrs. Obama: I want to become the first lady president. Do you have any advice? Thank you.”

MICHELLE OBAMA: I want to be that example for them. Being with them, touching them, hugging them, sitting in their schools, in their classrooms, in their churches is a part of that connection. And if I can make it and move someone to think more broadly about what they can achieve, I figure what better thing to leave behind over the next four or eight years. What a legacy that could be.

Jackie Norris getting the axe (she was merely “replaced,” said news accounts) drew zero notice from NBC. They’ve been busy chronicling how Michelle had “London a-twitter.”


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