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The Guardian’s lead editorial calls sharia law ‘mainstream’


The British daily The Guardian is, unfortunately, a very influential paper, with academics and UN types around the world actually believing the fictions it sometimes passes off as news. Yesterday, it went overboard, leading Melanie Phillips, writing on the website of The Spectator, to note that “Truly, The Guardian is an evil newspaper.”

All six of the main stories on The Guardian website home page yesterday slandered Israel, and one article even compared the Israeli army to the war criminals of Darfur. Unsurprisingly, there was no mention anywhere of the fact Hamas continues to fire rockets at Israel. (A rocket yesterday hit close to the major Israeli city of Ashkelon.)

Day after day, The Guardian does its best to denigrate and undermine not only Israel, but Western life and freedoms in general.

Today, for example, The Guardian’s lead editorial calls sharia law “mainstream”:

A month ago the Guardian revealed that the government was considering setting arbitrary criteria to define extremists [in Britain], such as support for sharia law – an approach that would have branded many mainstream [British] Muslims enemies of the people. Thankfully the idea was ditched.

And the editorial goes on to dismiss anti-Semitism not as the potent form of racism that it is, but as a mere “slip”:

It is also true that a document signed by Mr Abdullah at a recent international conference is in many ways offensive, with sweeping threats against those who stand with Israel and a slip into racialised language in relation to the Jewish state.

Regrettably many teachers and policy-makers actually listen to The Guardian.


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