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NASA Celebrates Jobs Created by the Mars Curiosity Rover



NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — As the new rover that just landed on Mars looks for signs of life there, the NASA program that runs it is supporting life here on Earth — with jobs.

NASA spokesman Guy Webster said the rover, named Curiosity, is currently supporting about 700 people, but has supported 7,000 jobs at various times over the last eight years. The Curiosity project and its $2.5 billion budget has generated jobs not just at NASA but at companies ranging from Lockheed Martin to a bicycle manufacturer in Chattanooga, Tenn.

“People wonder about throwing money at Mars, [but] no money was spent on Mars,” said Webster. “There are no ATMs up there. All the money was spent here on Earth.”

He said there are currently up to 400 NASA employees working on the project, in addition to 300 scientists outsourced by the government agency.

For those of you playing at home: Using the 7,000 jobs created as our figure, that’s roughly $357,000 per job.


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