Ingraham: ‘Romney is Losing’

by Pat Horan

On Friday, conservative radio show host Laura Ingraham ripped into Mitt Romney’s campaign.  After citing CNN and Fox polls that show President Obama has opened a lead on Governor Romney nationally, and polls that show Romney lagging behind Obama in key swing states, Ingraham frankly told her audience, “Romney is losing.”

She then noted, “This is particularly vexing when we have survey after survey showing that two-thirds of Americans think the country is going in the wrong direction.”

Ingraham called on Romney to fight for conservative principles:

“I know one thing: conservatism wins. When you are debating the other side on substance, when you are attacking with substance, when you are laying out a vision with passion, that marries conservative ideals to the problems of the day, you will win.When you see this happening in places like Wisconsin, when you see this happening in places like New Jersey, of course in Virginia, where we have governors that advocate conservative solutions to economic problems, they win.

She implored Mr. Romney to go on offense by stating, “Scott Walker is right.  The Romney campaign, so far, has been too timid.”

Listen to the segment below.

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