Matthews Plays the Human-Race Card

by Greg Pollowitz

Chris Matthews, not content with accusing Team Romney of being racist, now thinks Mitt is so stiff he’s not an “Earthling.”

After paying Ann Romney a compliment on her widely praised speech Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention, liberal MSNBC host Chris Matthews went berserk about Mitt Romney’s appearance at the end of Ann’s speech.

Matthews — who had a more visible outburst Monday morning at the RNC — went on a diatribe about how he thought Ann’s attempt to “humanize” her husband were thrown off by Mitt’s weird appearance, in which he and Ann shared a kiss on stage.

“But then he came out at the end,” Matthews said, after saying Ann gave a “good speech.” 

“And he almost looked like he came out on wheels, like he’s not really Mitt Romney. That person who came out there like that, almost a statue of a person. His odd animation — his odd lack of animation. The way he moved in the room at the end was strange. She’s a real person, but she really advertised a Mr.-Fix-It.”

Matthews went on to call Romney a “conehead who doesn’t seem like an Earthling.” And, “a rather wooden-like figure.” 

Can MSNBC’s coverage get any dumber? Tune in tonight to find out!

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