Brian Ross Ignores Obama’s Swiss Financing

by Greg Pollowitz

Since Brain Ross thinks that Romney partied on a boat registered in the Cayman Islands is somehow relevant to the 2012 election, I wonder why he missed this story. Via ABC News (Ross does check that website, I assume):

No wonder President Obama called George Clooney a “good friend” in a recent interview with “Entertainment Tonight.” The actor is doing what he can to help the president win his re-election bid in November.

Clooney appeared Monday at a fundraiser for Obama in Geneva, Switzerland, that raised at least $625,000 from U.S. donors, according to organizers. It cost $15,000 for guests to have dinner with Clooney, and $5,000 to have a photo taken with him.

Maybe Ross can figure out how much of the $625,000 in totally legal contribution came from Swiss bank accounts?

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