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That Colbert, He Has Such ‘Range’


The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly assessed the best and worst of 2008. Under the category of television, critic Ken Tucker lauded Stephen Colbert and The Colbert Report. This sentence stuck out, at least to me:

His previous weak spot — sometimes-awkward interviews with celebs and authors who don’t know which ”Colbert” they’re talking to — became rock-solid, as guests ranging from Jackson Browne to Prof. Cornel West got down and boogied verbally with the master of the outrageous put-on.

Open letter to Tucker: since when do Jackson Browne and Cornel West represent a wide range of guests, at least ideologically? It sounds like the beginning of a passenger list for a Hugo Chavez softball junket. Isn’t that like a “range” from Ted Nugent to Clarence Thomas?


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