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Mmm-mmm, Obama’s Tasty ‘Whirl of Change’


ABC’s Good Morning America certainly wasn’t devoting its Obama minutes on Monday morning to guessing what Rahm Emanuel was saying to Blago on the taped phone calls. Instead, ABC’s Yunji de Nies talked about the new tours in Hawaii of all the Barack Obama historic points of interest, and how his new Baskin-Robbins flavor is delicious:

DeNIES: Barack Obama bus tours are springing up.

LYNCH: The unit he lived in on the front right.

DeNIES: Tour guide Dennis Lynch says he’s got the best job in town.

LYNCH: I can’t explain the joy and satisfaction that we have from a local boy who is now going to be the 44th president in a few weeks.

DeNIES: The favorite stop? The site of this first job, where tourists can taste a new Obama-inspired flavor, ‘Whirl of Change.’

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Change tastes gooood.


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