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NBC News Chief Steve Capus Calls Shenanigans


On those of us who had an issue with MSDNC’s coverage of the Republican convention:

Do you think you would have endured the criticism you did during the Republican convention if Tim Russert had been there to level the scales?

I always thought that that was overblown during the convention. I thought that there were a couple of people who were practicing the art of politics. It wasn’t even art; it was the game of politics. And they decided to play the game during the convention to try to score political points. Honestly, we knew that our news division was doing a great job without going at it from a political point of view. If you go after one host or another because of their views, that’s fine. But be fair in terms of what you’re targeting.

Everybody talks about MSNBC being this one thing. But MSNBC is a lot of different things. It’s Morning Joe [which is hosted by a former Republican congressman]. It’s the daytime programming. It’s a lot of different strong voices. David Gregory anchored the 6 o’clock show. David Gregory anchored election coverage alongside Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews. So the people who went after us were truly partisans. I actually think that they would have pulled the same shenanigans during the convention whether Tim was here or not. The private side of the relationship I had with Tim is we would have compared notes and we would have figured out the right way to respond. Of course, that was tough not to have his good counsel.

I guess that list of shenanigan-pullers would include Tom Brokaw.


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