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It would be nice if, before Governor Paterson makes her the next senator from New York, Caroline Kennedy would answer a few questions from the press:

ABC News’ Rick Klein Reports: Caroline Kennedy, kicking off her Hillary Clinton-style “listening tour” of upstate New York on Wednesday, talked publicly about her interest in Clinton’s Senate seat for the first time.

She then proceeded to no-comment her way through a series of questions from a pack of curious New York-based reporters.

As debuts go before the hungry press in the state she hopes to represent, it was less than a smashing performance — and offers just a hint of the scrutiny to come.

Among the questions she didn’t answer, per the Syracuse Post-Standard:

“What do you say to New Yorkers who think you’re not qualified?”

“Are you ready for this, Ms. Kennedy? You’re not going to answer questions at all?”

“What do you say to New Yorkers who think you’re not ready or qualified for this job?”

“What do you think your greatest qualification is to be senator?”

“You’re seeking public office and you don’t want to answer questions from reporters, Ma’am? When can we expect you to answer questions?”

“Have you ever been to Syracuse before?”

Might I suggest, “I can see Syracuse from my apartment in Manhattan!”


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