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WaPost Editors: ‘Romney’s Libya Blunder’


With all due respect, this editorial today is a load of crap.

Here’s an idea: If you want to honor the sacrifice of Ambassador Stevens and the other three who died helping to bring freedom to Libya, maybe you — as the editors of one of the top newspapers in the world — can start asking the tough questions. Like why wasn’t Stevens adequately guarded? Why did it take hours to mount a rescue mission? Is there truth to the reports that Libyan security forces helped in the attack?

It baffles me that this preposterous line of attack continues, especially in light of reports that the guy who was tweeting the idiocy from Cairo was actually doing so against orders and angering the White House and State Department.

And now today our embassy in Yemen is under attack. With the world about to go up in flames and the president yucking it up in Las Vegas, the Post can find no villain other than Mitt Romney.


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