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Re: Is Obama Lincoln or JFK?


Or President Bobby Kennedy? A reader writes:

With regards to your post on the Philadephia Inquirer’s website that asked which President is Obama most reminiscent of, an early version of it included Bobby Kennedy (yes, listed as Bobby, not Robert F.) on the list of Presidents. Check the comments on the poll page, and you will see that some readers were aware enough to question the paper on its knowledge of the Presidents of the United States. Best of all, when I first saw it last night RFK was leading the poll! This speaks volumes as to the historical knowledge of the paper’s staff and a great deal of its readership.

Similar words from the mouth of Sarah Palin would, of course, represent a national scandal, a Saturday Night Live skit, and a thunderstorm of tsk-tsking all compacted into a single fragrant bolus of liberal self-congratulation. I’m reminded of all the media guffawing over Dan Quayle’s “potatoe” mishap; having seen a fair amount of allegedly edited copy from the geniuses at the AP and other gold-plated journalistic outlets, I can report that they are poorly positioned to sneer at anybody’s spelling.


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