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New Features from the Washington Post


There are lots of things the Washington Post doesn’t do very well, but it does a fine job of covering all that inside-baseball intra-bureaucratic stuff that has a profound effect on how things actually get done in our nation’s capital. So these might be interesting:

… The Washington Post and are launching “The Fed Page: Inside the Government Workforce.” The new page will provide vital information on federal news and insights into officials up for key posts in the new administration….

Yesterday The Post launched “44 A Transition to Power: The Obama Presidency,” a political blog that looks ahead at the new Obama presidency and all of the administration changes coming to Washington.

The 44 blog is here. Interesting entry:

A group founded by supporters of former Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) weighed in today against the potential appointment by President-elect Barack Obama of former Clinton administration Treasury Secretary Larry Summers to the same position in an Obama administration.

“Larry Summers has a clear and unequivocal record of sexism and misogyny,” said the group’s co-founder Amy Siskind in a statement. “Summers’ work history demonstrates a clear inability to work well with others, especially women.”

Wonderful that Obama’s election allowed American to “transcend” identity politics for 0.04442 seconds.

The Fed Page is here.


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