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Hamas supreme leader “moves to Sudan”


The Kuwaiti newspaper Al Rai reported this morning that Khaled Meshal, the supreme leader of the Palestinian Islamist terror group Hamas, has left Damascus to live in Sudan.

The paper quoted Palestinian sources saying that the move was part of a secret deal between Meshal and the Syrian regime. Meshal has been based in Damascus since his expulsion from Jordan ten years ago.

This move may signal a desire on Syria’s part to advance the low-level peace negotiations it has been holding with Israel under Turkish auspices.

No doubt Meshal (whose group advocates the destruction of Israel) will be able to compare notes on means to carry out genocide with his Sudanese hosts, who are waging a genocidal campaign against the non-Arab population of its Darfur province.

Osama bin Laden also enjoyed living in Sudan before moving to Afghanistan.


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