MSM Should Be Disappointed in Obama’s Incompetent Campaign

by Greg Pollowitz

Today is the last day to register to vote in Florida and Ohio. I’ve already talked to one former Obama voter here in Miami who probably isn’t going to go register as she just doesn’t care who wins. This is anecdotal, but a huge worry for Team Obama.

There’s a meme starting that Obama just doesn’t care about winning. The great placenta-hunter Andrew Sullivan is distraught at the turn of events and in a post titled,”Does Obama Want Out?,” Sullivan writes:

That we are having this discussion at all reflects the enormity of Obama’s implosion. This race is now Romney’s to lose. Not just because Romney is shameless liar and opportunist. But because Obama just essentially forfeited the election. In the first match-up between the two candidates, one was a potential president; the other a dithering wonk. I’m still reeling. I’m sorry if these are not things an Obama supporter should say at this point. But the demoralization is profound.

So, where exactly is the president to address this “demoralization” ? Shouldn’t he be focusing on a last-minute voter registration effort in these two states?

Well, he isn’t.

Yesterday he was in California all day raising money. Today he travels to Ohio — an important state — but he’s in the air for most of the day. And he doesn’t get to Florida until Wednesday.

An intelligent campaign operation would have had the president on the ground for as much of the day as possible in both Ohio and Florida on Monday and Tuesday.

And as I mentioned earlier, it’s even worse for the president today because he’s in the air wasting time traveling against the clock west to east.

Incompetence on display if you ask me.

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