Obama’s Failed Big Bird Ad

by Greg Pollowitz

The lefty blog Firedoglake, although amused by the latest ad from Team Obama featuring Big Bird and hammering Mitt Romney on Wall Street regulation points out that everyone mentioned in the ad was actually prosecuted by Bush or before Obama took office:

So the Obama campaign could not fill a list of three Wall Street criminals that the Obama Justice Department actually sent to jail. Heck, they couldn’t fill a list of one!

This is despite Eric Holder telling students at Columbia University in February of this year that his Justice Department’s record of success on fighting financial fraud crimes “has been nothing less than historic.” But not historic enough that his boss could point to, well, one Wall Street criminal behind bars as a result of DoJ’s actions.

That’s painfully telling. Nobody from Bank of America or Wells Fargo or Citigroup or JPMorgan Chase or Goldman Sachs or Bear Stearns or Morgan Stanley or Merrill Lynch or even Countrywide or Ameriquest was available to stand in as a “glutton of greed” in this advertisement. Literally no major figure responsible for the financial crisis has gone to jail. So the campaign has to use two CEOs from a decade-old accounting scandal, and a garden-variety Ponzi schemer. The financial crisis plays no role in this advertisement trying to juxtapose cuts to PBS with the financial crisis!

The subtext here is far more revealing than the text.

Yes, a real shocker this is. You’d think that when Obama didn’t close Gitmo, started killing Americans without a trial, and promoted Petraeus to head the CIA, the Left would’ve realized he’s not the guy they thought they elected.

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