Chris Matthews Should be Fired

by Greg Pollowitz

It’s very simple. When Chris Matthews said he was glad Hurricane Sandy hit the northeast because it helped the cause of President Obama, he crossed a bright-red line that should force his masters at MSNBC to take action. But I doubt they will.

Matthews even admitted to being a hurricane-cheerleader, but he’s sorry for it:

I could say it was because I was tired, but the fact is I wasn’t thinking of the horrible mess this storm has made of people’s lives up here in New York and elsewhere. It’s not ‘til you read the local newspapers that you see and know the horror this has wreaked on people, good people. I grew up on the south Jersey Shore, have relatives living there now, but failed to see the even worse damage done further up the state and in Staten Island and other areas near here. It is truly horrible up here.

No. I was too deeply enmeshed in political thinking, deep in a world of numbers and issues and people and stakes and focused on who would win and who would lose. But I left out the number one job of anyone on air: To think about the lives, the real lives of people, their losses, their relatives and friends who died in this disaster, their dreams that have been hurt and even destroyed.

Not good enough.

I’d be willing to give Matthews a pass, but for the past year or so he’s called me all sorts of names for comments that are far less egregious than the ones he made. Look at the number of times he’s called Republicans and their supporters racist — often hypocritically.

How many apologies does Matthews get? He gets to call primary voters the “Grand Wizard crowd,” but then gets to say I really didn’t mean it.

Enough is enough. Get this hack off the air.

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