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The Axis of Photoshop: Do the NY Times and Guardian finally get it?


The New York Times and The Guardian, which (along with other prominent newspapers) have so often been deceived, and in return deceived their readers about supposed Israeli “massacres” of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians, seem to finally understand that Iran, like its proxy militias Hamas and Hezbollah, make generous use of photoshop to lie to gullible western journalists.

See: The New York Times: In an Iranian Image, a Missile Too Many

The Guardian: Has Iran joined the axis of Photoshop?

Top, the image that Agence France-Presse obtained from Sepah News on Wednesday. Below, another image that The Associated Press received from the same source on Thursday, which appeared to be taken from the same vantage point at almost the same time.

* For other examples of lies by Iran and its allies that took in virtually the whole western media, see: Media Missiles, some of these photos, and Jeningrad.


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