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Ed Koch Slams NY Times


Ed Koch is no immigration restrictionist, though he seems to be an amnesty skeptic. In a recent missive (I guess sent out as an e-mail), he excoriates the New York Times for a recent unhinged editorial about immigration. Koch concludes his complaint this way:

I repeat, I have never seen a more intolerant editorial in language and tone appear in The New York Times. The Times editorial board should apologize for its outrageous description of opponents of amnesty and allow a debate to ensue presenting the arguments fairly on both sides.

Actually, the Times editorial page has gone off the deep end regarding immigration, and not just in that one piece. The paper has gotten worse in lots of ways under the tutelage of America-hating publisher Pinch Sulzberger. But on immigration, what used to be a responsible, if liberal, voice has, in the hands of editorial writer Lawrence Downes (who does the immigration pieces), become frenzied in its hatred of those who disagree. Heck, even the Wall Street Journal’s kooky editorials on immigration seem measured and sober compared to those from its 42nd Street counterpart.


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