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Racism at the New York Times


Overt racism on display from op-ed columnist Joe Nocera today, where he writes about who he thinks should be added to President Obama’s cabinet:

Let’s move next to the State Department, where an exhausted Hillary Clinton is ready to step down. She has been, without question, Obama’s finest appointment. She was also his riskiest. The current favorite for the job, Susan Rice, the United Nations ambassador, is a safe choice, but she doesn’t have the breadth that the job requires. Who does? How about Bill Clinton? Seriously.

Wow. Another attack on Susan Rice because she’s a woman and black. If that’s not enough, it gets worse from Nocera:

The president’s worst cabinet appointment, on the other hand, has been Eric Holder Jr. at the Department of Justice. Under him, the department got prosecutorial scalps by going after the small fry while letting big guys like Angelo Mozilo, the former chief executive of Countrywide, off the hook. Holder has also been tone-deaf in dealing with the Republicans in Congress. Our nominee is a man with a reputation for cleaning up messes: Ken Feinberg, a lawyer who now specializes in victim compensation programs. A former special counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee, he knows the territory. A master negotiator, he knows how to bridge divides. And his sense of fair play is exactly what this Justice Department most needs.

Now, this might not sound like racism, but since I’ve switched to the Chris Matthews race-ometer to decipher such statements, it’s clear that Nocera is using code here in a bid to get rid of powerful blacks in the Obama administration.

Still not convinced? Look at who Nocera wants as Sec Def:

Department of Defense? David Petraeus. After disclosing an affair with Paula Broadwell and resigning as C.I.A. chief, Petraeus is currently doing his stint in purgatory. The Defense Department in Obama’s second term is going to need someone who can cut its budget without hurting its mission — and who can reform the most entrenched bureaucracy in Washington. The military brass will run bureaucratic circles around any defense secretary who doesn’t know their tricks. Petraeus can stand up to them.

If you’re keeping track, that’s three whiteys (two with extramarital problems) Nocera thinks should be in Obama’s cabinet and no blacks. I eagerly await Chris Matthews to opine on this disgusting column, as he was the one who just yesterday accused the GOP and Romney of wanting a “ruling class of ‘white men of property.’”

I’ll be sending this piece to Chris Matthews; no doubt he will join me in demanding that the New York Times fire Nocera immediately.


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