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NYT Editors: It’s Bush’s Fault Afghanistan Is a Mess


In their editorial today hoping that President Obama keeps his pledge to get the troops out of Afghanistan by 2014, there’s this little gem:

We strongly supported the war in Afghanistan following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, but after more than a decade of fighting and a cost upward of $500 billion it is time for a safe and orderly departure. If there was ever a serious chance of building a stable and prosperous Afghanistan, it was lost when President George W. Bush abandoned that challenge to pursue his pointless war in Iraq.


If the editors truly believe this, then Afghanistan was lost in 2002 — when Bush started making his case to the international community to take action against Iraq if they did not comply with U.N. weapons investigators. According to the Times, then, it’s been ten years since there was ”ever a serious chance of building a stable and prosperous Afghanistan.”

And if that’s the case, they should have been tougher on President Obama over the last four years to get the troops out. And we’ll see how tough their rhetoric gets if President Obama doesn’t get the troops out by 2014. Stay tuned.


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