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Dumbest Hardball Segment Ever?


Here’s the headline from MSNBC’s website: If Texas secedes, the Cowboys can’t be ‘America’s Team’

Yes, because if there actually was a real secession movement and not one driven by the media, the nickname of the Dallas Cowboy would be one of the major factors affecting the decision to actually secede.

Matthews, discussed the idea with his comedy-team of Ron Reagan Jr. and Dana Milbank as Reagan called those who think secession is a good idea, “psychopaths.” And Matthews doesn’t even understand the issue, asking which country would Texas want to join. Reagan suggested a central-Asian autocratic state. Um, news flash. If Texas secedes it would become its own country. Duh. You know, like the Republic of Texas? Ever heard of it? You can look it up!

I’m not in favor of secession, but in a country created by revolution over excessive taxes and the curtailing of freedoms, it’s not a psychopathic position to suggest an alternative (albeit, a dramatic one) to the ever-growing federal government.

Oh, and the headline is just something the writer of the piece added for link bait and football was not mentioned in the segment.

Enjoy the idiocy:



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