Michael Moore Seems Angry at Michighan’s Passage of Right-to-Work

by Greg Pollowitz

Moore does bring up one good point, though. How did President Obama win Michigan by so much and then this law gets passed? He blames gerrymandering, but that can’t be it. Stabenow won her Senate seat by 20 points, yet the state’s Supreme Court stayed conservative.

Even the pre-vote polling on right-to-work was screwy:

The EPIC-MRA poll says 54 percent of Michigan voters generally favor right-to-work laws, with 40 percent opposed. But when asked how they feel about Michigan becoming a right-to-work state, 47 percent are in favor and 46 percent are opposed.

In summary, Michigan wants a liberal president and senators, a conservative governor (18 point win in 2010) and court, and likes right-to-work laws, just not in their state as much as they like them in others.

And here’s an interesting analysis from Tom Walsh in the Detroit Free Press that blames Governor Snyder’s frustration with labor union “dithering” on state reforms over the past two years as the reason for his change of heart on the importance of a right-to-work law.

Michael Moore’s anger is on display here via his Twitter feed, but I think his real target should be the voters in Michigan who don’t conform to his view of the world:

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