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WaPost Editors Shocked at UN Dithering on Mali


The editors today correctly write about the growing Islamic threat in Mali, but their conclusion to the editorial leaves one wondering if this is their first time covering the United Nations:

Negotiations, which began this month, are certainly worth a try. But it’s also worth bearing in mind what is happening while this process drags on. As a Malian minister told the Security Council, “there are floggings, amputation of limbs, summary executions, children forced to become soldiers, rapes, stoning, looting and the destruction of cultural and historical sites.” Perhaps the diplomats in Turtle Bay can conclude it’s prudent to allow such atrocities to continue for another 10 or 12 months. But morality as well as common sense suggests that intervention must come sooner.

The Post can editorialize all it wants about the U.N., but that won’t make the diplomatas a) move any faster or b) be able to do anything to prevent the genocide once they do decide to authorize intervention.


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