MSNBC Giddy at Boehner’s ‘Falilure’ to Pass Plan B

by Greg Pollowitz

If you were watching MSNBC — and I hope you weren’t — the talking heads were all over Majority Leader Boehner for failing to pass his “Plan B” tax plan to avert the “fiscal cliff.”

Missing was any mention that both Harry Reid and President Obama had said they’d never pass Plan B anyway.

So, what’s the point? How was it that House Republicans failed yesterday? If Boehner had passed Plan B, would any of the MSNBC muppets have praised him? We all know they wouldn’t have.

Howard Dean — to his credit — didn’t agree with Ed Schultz and actually said he thinks going over the cliff is the best thing for the economy. Salon’s Joan Walsh quickly criticized the governor on Twitter for daring to speak honestly on the dangers of continued huge budget deficits:

We have a spending problem in this country and the GOP and the president agreed to this sequestration deal knowing that this “cliff” could be a likely outcome. Well, you get what you voted for. Bring on the cliff!

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