Introducing the ‘Piers Morgan Effect’

by Corey Dean Hall

As a sister to the “Gore Effect” (defined as unseasonably cold temperatures that accompany a visit by Al Gore when he speaks on global warming), might I propose the “Piers Morgan Effect?” The more Morgan spews anti-gun tirades via his Twitter feed or on his poorly rated television show, the more guns and ammunition are purchased. At least, there are attempts at purchases. Anyone who has recently tried to buy any sort of firearm, ammunition, magazine, or related product has probably found that at best their purchase is back-ordered. Most times these items are unavailable altogether. Other times, they’re available at wildly inflated prices. 30 round magazines that would normally retail from $15-30 are now fetching $100. Thousand dollar AR-15′s are going to for two or three times as much.

For example, here’s the ammo shelf at my local Cabela’s. No bullets for me:

Gun sales have been surging  ever since President Obama was first elected in ‘08, but the tragedy at Sandy Hook elementary and the renewed push for gun control from Senator Feinstein and her ilk has caused demand to shoot up ever higher. With the Piers Morgans of the world pushing their gun-control agenda through their media outlets, folks who might never have considered owning a firearm are rushing to get one before the “do something” crowd does something. It would seem the anti-gunners have themselves to thank for this most recent surge in gun sales — and, perhaps not surprisingly, NRA membership.

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