Perfect Storm for Anonymous Sources

by Mark Krikorian

You know how the media are always wringing their hands over the use of unnamed sources? It’s the “root of evil in journalism“, but necessary nonetheless, thus requiring detailed ethical guidelines.

Well, Saturday’s WaPo had the ultimate example, in a story on a ChiCom cyberattack on the newspaper:

The cyberattack targeted The Post’s main information technology server and several other computers, said people familiar with the incident who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe details the company did not release publicly.

Okay, so here was have a story in the Washington Post, written by two Washington Post reporters, about an event that happened to the Washington Post, quoting people working for the Washington Post, and not naming them because the Washington Post didn’t want to release the details. After this, how can they ever again turn down a bureaucrat or politician demanding anonymity?

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