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1,500 would have died, but the media don’t seem to care


The “martyrdom videos” played to a London court and shown on British TV today are just chilling.

The eight men on trial (all are radical British Muslims) are charged with plotting to detonate bombs aboard civilian airliners bound for the United States and Canada using explosives concealed in soft drink bottles. Prosecutors say they were close to carrying out their plan when they were arrested.

More than 1,500 passengers and crew would have been killed had the bombs gone off.

Yet none of the videos – so far as I can tell from some quite close scrutiny of the channels – are so far being aired on American networks even though they were made public many hours ago. As for the web, the only major American news site carrying one of the videos is ABC News.

It’s not on the websites of CNN or MSNBC. CNN does cover the story, but only with a watered down article from the AP; there’s no clip of it being covered on TV.

You can read this Times of London and watch the video here.


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