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Muslim sex offenders in UK could opt out of treatment program “because it’s against their faith”


Days after a Muslim driver was let off a reckless speeding ban because he claimed that his Islamic faith dictated that he be allowed to continue to drive between his two wives in Scotland, the British press reports the following:

Muslim sex attackers could be spared a prison treatment program because it is against their religion. Rapists, pedophiles and other dangerous sex attackers are expected to discuss their crimes with others during jail sessions designed to stop them reoffending.

But Muslim inmates have complained they should not be made to undergo the Sex Offender Treatment Program group therapy.

Now the Prison Service’s Muslim advisor, Ahtsham Ali, has said there is a “legitimate Islamic position” that criminals should not discuss their crimes with other people.

An “urgent review” has been ordered, and Muslims could be allowed to opt out of this part of the treatment – despite completing a full program often being a condition of release.

The move has already sparked protests. Shadow Justice Secretary, Nick Herbert said: “It is one thing to make a dispensation for a prisoner’s faith when it comes to prayer and diet, but if a prisoner is unwilling to take part in rehabilitation they should be treated no differently to others.”

British justice seems a little more lenient than Saudi then.


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