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Wrong about Wright Coverage


The Washington Post’s humorless ombudsman Deborah Howell had a more fascinating that she realized piece in the Sunday paper — it was an explanation of how the Post missed the toxic Rev. Jeremiah story until it was unavoidable — the headline suggested that the Post had been “late to church.” Actually, the newspaper was dragged kicking and screaming to church. A reporter named Michelle Boorstein had twice proposed a story on the Rev. much earlier, only to have it shot down. “At the time Michelle suggested the story, before the latest revelations about Wright’s comments, there was little that was new,” an editor told the ombudsman. Nothing new! We’re often angry at the MSM, but in the Obama case they refused to vet a candidate until it is too late to gainsay him without damage to the Dems. I predict that they will continue to leave the reporting on Obama to the conservative media, and that there are lots of stories there. Where’s the MSM Portrait of the Candidate as a Young Organizer? (I guess Byron will have to do it.)


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