Carney Avoids Questions on Jay Z-Beyonce Trip to Cuba

by Greg Pollowitz


Despite requests from Members of Congress to explain why celebrities can evade the travel restrictions to Cuba, the Obama Administration has remained silent on this the. American celebrities traveling to Cuba as tourists glamorizes the Castro regime, one of the most brutal dictatorships in the world. Why won’t the Obama Administration respond to questions regarding what kind of licensees Beyonce and Jay-Z used to travel to Cuba?

Video of the briefing here.

The latest is the power couple and Obamaphiles were on a “cultural trip” with Treasury approval. If so, the White House should tell us exactly what was to be gained by the trip and why Beyonce and Jay-Z were chosen for such an important cultural mission.

Maybe the point of the mission was to show the Cubans just how funny we dress here in America?

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