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Luther Campbell Is Now a Columnist (and Is Still an Idiot)


The rapper turned columnist for the Miami New Times has figured out “terrorism” in America:

Americans Caused Boston Marathon Tragedy

And. . .

Once everything cools down again, we’ll go back to bickering with one another about who’s better, conservatives or liberals. Meanwhile, the next terrorist — domestic or foreign — will be secretly plotting the next attack. The hatred Americans have for one another motivates radicals to commit unspeakable acts of horror here. Our divided nation, thanks to public trolls like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, inspires lunatics like Jared Lee LoughnerJames Holmes, and Adam Lanza to kill children, women, and men, and seriously maim dozens of others. It’s time we take responsibility for creating terrorists at home and abroad.

Yes, it is time to take responsibility for creating “terrorists” at home, like the gangs in Chicago and thug-on-thug murders that are destroying America’s urban centers. But Luther Campbell and his extensive arrest record is probably not the best person to lead the change American cities need.


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