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Another Democrat Against the First Amendment


Too funny: Some knucklehead statehouse hack in Kentucky, a fellow by the name of Gooch (always a good sign, that name) wants to classify editorialists and cartoonists as lobbyists–in order to have them banned from the Kentucky House and Senate while they are in session.

Rep. Jim Gooch, a Democrat who is chairman of the state House Natural Resources and Environment Committee, was the subject of critical editorials and cartoons when he attempted to quash a coal mine safety bill and claimed global warming was a hoax. One editorial cartoon showed Gooch in a hot tub with King Coal.

The legislation he is pushing would list editorial writers and cartoonists as lobbyists. Since lobbyists aren’t allowed in the House or Senate while lawmakers are in session, those journalists would essentially be banned from the chambers.

Gooch said that he recognizes the role of journalists as government watchdogs and that he would be willing to change the legislation. But, he said, some Kentucky editorial writers and cartoonists essentially use their positions to lobby for or against legislation. He declined to name anyone in particular.

Okey-dokey, Rep. Gooch, I get it: The last thing we want is a bunch of editorial writers, cartoonists, or–God help us!–ordinary, non-politician-type people hanging around and trying to influence the legislative process. Why can’t these amateurs leave it to the professionals!


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