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Conan O’Brien vs. Duck Dynasty


I wasn’t a huge fan of this year’s White House Correspondents’ dinner, but I’ve given up criticizing the actual event itself — or similar events — as they are now a fixture of our political discourse and aren’t going away. So instead, why not judge them on a metric we are more likely to agree on: Was the host funny?

In my opinion, no. Conan O’Brien was a dud.

Here’s one example:

“The guys from Duck Dynasty are here. It can can only mean one thing: the guys from Storage Wars said no.”

Odd. Conan didn’t say anything negative about the bearded-ones when he had them on his show last year. Nor does Conan’s joke make any sense. His premise is that the stars of  Storage Wars are somehow a bigger draw then the stars of Duck Dynasty

Let’s go to the ratings:

Nearly 10 million people watched the “Duck Dynasty” gang fly to Hawaii for some much needed R&R Wednesday night, shattering A&E’s ratings record.

It was the show’s third-season finale.

Until “Duck Dynasty” hit town, the most popular A&E series was “Storage Wars” which hit its peak in late November of 2011 when an episode snagged an average of 5.6 million.

There is an explanation, however: Conan is jealous:

O’Brien’s ratings on TBS are not huge either — the show is averaging 906,000 viewers an episode. But TBS said it was pleased the show has one of the youngest audiences of any traditional late-night talk program. 

And now you know why Jimmy Fallon is the new host of The Tonight Show and Conan O’Brien is what you watch when you accidentally leave the TV on after a rerun of Big Bang Theory.

But back to what’s funny and what’s not. Check out this clip from the 2011 Congressional Correspondents’ dinner featuring Larry Wilmore. Now, that was funny stuff:



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