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Distinctively Undelicious


The Root, brainchild of Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive and shill for an oddball genome-obsessed side-project run by editor Henry Louis Gates Jr., turns out to be every bit as trivial as it looked on first impression. To wit:

So I’ve been thinking up a recipe that would celebrate, in culinary fashion, the hope, promise (and okay, super yummyness) of having Barack Obama as our next president.  What I came up with was a recipe for Barack pie. My own multi-culti spin on the apple pie cliché. As in, “it’s as American as Barack pie.”  I wanted a recipe that would honor Barack’s Kenyan and American heritages. The dish I came up with was a savory pie, a combination of an East African favorite called Mutuzi wa samaki with Hawaiian elements like butterfish and citrus ponzu. 

If you really want the recipe, read on.


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