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Team Obama Denies NYT Allegation on ‘Red Line’ Gaffe


Over the weekend, the Times reported — through anonymous White House staffers — that the president’s use of a “red line” in Syria was actually a gaffe on the president’s part.

Today press secretary Carney denied those charges:

“The president’s use of the term ‘red line’ was deliberate and was based on U.S. policy,” press secretary Jay Carney told reporters at his daily briefing.

And Team Obama doesn’t like what the U.N. is saying about who used chems in Syria:

Carney also dismissed claims from a U.N. investigator that Syria’s rebels, not President Bashar Assad’s forces, used chemical weapons. “We find it incredible, not credible, that the opposition has used chemical weapons,” he said. “We think that any use of chemical weapons in Syria is almost certain to have been done by the Assad regime.”

I don’t see why it would be “incredible” that the opposition used chemical weapons and not Assad. Let’s just wait and see what the investigators really find, no?




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