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Meghan McCain’s Twitter Rant on Mark Sanford -- And The Wrong Response From ‘Conservatives’


In case you missed it, Meghan McCain wasn’t happy with Mark Sanford’s win in South Carolina last night and she expressed this displeasure on her Twitter feed. She has since deleted some of the sillier ones in an effort to . . . well, who knows why? Deleting tweets doesn’t make them go away. Here’s the one that started it all, since deleted, via The Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher:

​McCain later tweeted, “Any republican that voted for Mark Sanford in South Carolina but is against gay marriage is an unbelievable hypocrite.”

​As was quickly pointed out to Ms. McCain, Mark Sanford and her father share very similar backgrounds like cheating on their wives and voting against gay marriage. It got worse for McCain, however, when an old Daily Beast piece she wrote titled “Forgive Mark Sanford” surfaced and news that her father’s PAC had donated to the Sanford election effort.

If Mark Sanford is “what is wrong with American politics,” then so is John McCain. Oddly, Meghan has yet to hit her father with the same vitriol she levels against his carbon-copies.

Now, I’m no fan of Meghan McCain. And since she blocked me from her Twitter feed, I can assume the feeling is mutual.

But let me just say that what happened last night after these tweets went viral is not the way our side should be acting. It’s OK to be sarcastic. It’s OK to point out flaws in her arguments. It’s OK to point out her hypocrisy. It’s OK to question her political opinions.

But name-calling? I don’t need to copy what was written here — just search her Twitter feed for yourself — but directing such language at her, or anyone, is wrong.

If we want to be the party of Reagan here’s a hint: act like Reagan.

Exit question: would any of the anonymous tough-guys on Twitter have the cajones to say what they wrote on Twitter to Meghan McCain’s face? If they do, I hope her brother — the U.S. Marine — is on hand to respond in the appropriate manner.


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