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Isn’t This Jonah’s Beat?


I don’t recall seeing any smiley-faced logos on the bored guys patting me down for evidence of contraband shampoo at the airport, but Chris Matthews does seem to admire them as an inspiration for his own vision of liberal fascism, at least when it comes to trouncing citizens’ Second Amendment rights:

In big cities they ought to check people on sidewalks like getting on airplanes.

Matthews offered this extraordinarily authoritarian proposal during an exchange with Deroy Murdock, a New Yorker who believes, reasonably, that armed citizens are more of a deterrent to armed criminals than are unarmed citizens, and that in a free society it is neither possible nor desirable to have an omnipresence of police.

Of course, NYC does offer concealed-carry permits–for the rich and famous. According to a Cato report, permit-holders have included Howard Stern (of all people), Donald Trump, and New York Times publisher Arthur Ochs Sulzberger. Add to the list Nelson Rockefeller, Bill Cosby, Joan Rivers … and this fellow, who neglected to renew it.


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