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New Bhutto Video


Both CNN and MSNBC are linking to a new video from Channel 4 in the UK that, according to CNN, “appears to show Bhutto getting shot.”

I’ve watched the video a few times now and I’m not sure it shows what Channel 4, CNN and MSNBC are insinuating it does. Bhutto seems to drop straight down in this video after the gunfire is heard. Bhutto supporters are claiming she was shot as many as three times. I would think that if she had been shot three times, the force of the bullets striking her would have caused her body to react differently than it did in the video, but that’s the problem…this is just speculation on the part of the anchors (and myself/viewers) at this point

It would be pretty easy for CNN, MSNBC and Channel 4 to have some sort of ballistics expert analyze the tape before they put it on the air, but I can’t find any evidence that they’ve done so in these reports. This seems pretty reckless to me, given the tinderbox that is Pakistan right now.


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