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Television is sinful and un-Islamic, says new fatwa


Al-Qaeda and other extremist Islamic groups regularly produce videos and even risk exposing their whereabouts, so eager are they to deliver them to be shown on TV channels such as al-Jazeera . But on the other hand, TV is now apparently haram:

A radical Islamic seminary in Uttar Pradesh has issued a fatwa against Muslims watching television, calling the device “haram (sinful)”. The fatwa was issued by the Dar-ul Uloom in Deoband, near Muzaffarnagar, in response to a madarsa teacher’s plea to clarify whether watching Islamic channels and televised debates on religious issues was right.


The teacher, a resident of Saharanpur, had asked whether watching an Islamic TV channel showing a debate on religious topics was right or wrong. Dar-ul Uloom took the stand that in the due course of watching television, people inevitably browse through channels that show “immoral” and “vulgar” programs.


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