A Moronic Review of Last Night’s Game of Thrones on HBO

by Greg Pollowitz

Joe Concha of Mediaite gives one of the stupider reasons I’ve read for someone to stop watching a television show, especially since the show in question — Game of Thrones on HBO — is based on a series of best-selling books and anybody who has read the book, or at the very least skimmed Wikipedia, knew exactly what was going to happen last night. In summary, Concha didn’t like the way they killed off a character last night, and now he wants to cancel his HBO subscription: 

Game of Thrones has been mentioned in this space before as my favorite show on television.

Sure, half the time—like the rest of America—I’ve been utterly confused, wishing characters wore name tags or had VH-1 pop-up bubbles explain who they were and what their role represented. But in the end, the acting is superb, the visuals stunning and the tone of every scene always feeling so damn…important.

But the episode just witnessed (“The Rains of Castamere”)…the show that will go down as the most-talked-about-on-Twitter episode in the history of the program…went way, way (way) too far. And that’s saying a lot considering everything we’ve seen on the hit HBO original series to this point.

Having said that, the following declaration comes without ambiguity: I am done with Thrones. Never again will I watch another episode. And with Entourage long gone and Curb Your Enthusiasm stuck in some kind of abyss, there’s really no need to continue my subscription, particularly after the offensive and appalling display the show just put on.

So what was different about Sunday night’s episode? If you haven’t seen it yet, it might be time to read another one of the fine columns Mediaite has to offer right about now.

But if you have, you know exactly where I’m going with this.

That said, there are two hard and fast rules every television show and movie should live by:

• Never kill a dog or an animal that looks like a dog (like a brave wolf protective of certain humans)
• Never stab a pregnant woman repeatedly in the womb

Thrones blatantly broke both of those rules.

And in regards to the latter, in patently-disturbing fashion.

Well, duh. Oddly enough, what happens in the books also happens in the HBO series. Just as you get to liking a character, that character dies. Gruesomely. 

Concha ends with:

Murder a pregnant woman by going after a baby in the womb first?

It’s not TV, it’s HBO.

A cable network that just lost one subscriber for good.

As for gruesome deaths on HBO, last night’s murder of boy-king Rob Stark and the stabbing of his pregnant wife is about par for the course for an HBO drama now-a-days. Earlier this season, the sadistic king Joffrey tied a prostitute to his bed post — naked, of course — and used her as a target for his crossbow. But last night was “cancel my subscription” worthy? 

And honestly, the writers were telegraphing the murders of the King in the North and and his queen at the Twins for weeks. You really had to be kinda clueless to miss that something really, really bad was going to happen. 

Oh, and a non-spoiler alert: there will be more blood and more characters you’ve grown to like (or hate) gone very soon. Stay tuned!





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