Brad Pitt’s World War Z Banned in China -- For Now

by Greg Pollowitz

Well, anyboy who read the book could see this coming as it was in China where the zombie outbreak started, and it was spread due to China’s trade in illegal organs. Maybe they can just have the virus start in North Korea like they did for the remake of Red Dawn

Via The Wrap:

Chinese censors have rejected a cut of “World War Z,” Paramount’s film about the zombie apocalypse starring Brad Pitt, an executive familiar with upcoming releases in China told TheWrap. A Paramount executive said that the studio had not yet heard back from China’s censorship office, and was unaware of any rejection. 

The decision is potentially significant as the inability to screen in China would limit one of the year’s most expensive movies, reportedly $200 million, from having access to the world’s second biggest market. A release in China could contribute tens of millions of dollars in grosses to the film’s bottom line. 

“It definitely got rejected the first time” it was submitted, said the executive, who is close to China’s decision-making structure, which is run by the state. “It has not been cleared.” He said the decision came down a week ago. 

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The Paramount executive countered: “We have submitted one version and have yet to receive a response.”  

Paramount is angling for a precious release slot in a quota-driven system in China. It may yet be approved; Paramount can still resubmit the film, which opens in the United States on June 21, and hope censors change their minds.

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