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Is Mormonism A Cult?


Is the question even relevant? I guess that depends on which news organization asks the question. Here’s Huckabee on December 4th, picked up by the AP:

Newton, Iowa – Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, a one-time Southern Baptist preacher who’s seen his standing in Iowa surge with Christian evangelicals’ support, wouldn’t say Tuesday whether he thought Mormonism – rival Mitt Romney’s religion – was a cult.

“I’m just not going to go off into evaluating other people’s doctrines and faiths. I think that is absolutely not a role for a president,” the former Arkansas governor said during a week in which religion has become an important issue in the Republican presidential race, particularly in Iowa.

And a few days later, his now famous response to the same question to the NY Times:

I asked Huckabee, who describes himself as the only Republican candidate with a degree in theology, if he considered Mormonism a cult or a religion. ‘‘I think it’s a religion,’’ he said. ‘‘I really don’t know much about it.’’

I was about to jot down this piece of boilerplate when Huckabee surprised me with a question of his own: ‘‘Don’t Mormons,’’ he asked in an innocent voice, ‘‘believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?’’

As Jim pointed out, Huckabee has this answer down leaving one to wonder why he changed it for the NY Times piece.


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