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Exchange of the Day


Dana Perino still calls on Helen Thomas:

Q You just have picked a man to sell public diplomacy. All over the world, there is an understanding that we do torture. They’ve seen the photographs, they’ve heard everything. You ought to be bound and determined to clear that up.

MS. PERINO: I actually disagree, Helen. I think that people, what they have seen, is a United States that is helping people develop their democracies. We have spread hope and liberty. We expand trade.

Q (Inaudible) women fell on (inaudible) as trying to do that (inaudible) —

MS. PERINO: We do everything that we can, that we can, to help other people. And I will tell you that it is al Qaeda and violent extremists who actually have delivered a very different message, and people see that. And that is one of the reasons you’ve seen a turnaround in Iraq.

Q Why (inaudible) the fourth person to handle that job?

MS. PERINO: Go ahead, Bret.

But at least she cut off the punditry early this time.


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