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Les Moonves on 2008, Katie Couric, and a Potential Strike


Moonves is just begging for the far left to come after him on the power of big media organizations with this statement:

Political Advertising
That’s going to be a major part of CBS next year. We’re seeing a very robust amount of money. We like the fact that there are a lot of candidates. And we like a lot of candidates with a lot of money. We do not want election reform. [laughter]

And on Couric:

You may not agree, but I think our product is as good as any product out there. We had tried to get a bit younger. And I’m concerned that the average person who watches evening news is 61 years old.We tried to get that a bit younger. People flipped over to [ABC's] Charlie Gibson, but those are mostly 60-plus[-year-old] men. Tha’t not a demographic we want. I wish younger people would watch the news. We realize that nobody is racing home to get the news from Walter Cronkite and Tom Brokaw at 6:30 anymore, but we want the news to become relevant [again]. With that said, we still like the product that we have. I still believe in [Katie]. She’s the hardest worker in town.

TV Newser points out CBS is losing younger viewers, too.

Here’s Moonves on his writers:

CBS News Writers Strike
I hope it gets resolved quickly. If they go on strike, there will still be news, and you won’t notice a difference.

It sounds like Moonves is hoping the writers go on strike so he can get rid of them.


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