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Brian Williams vs. Tom Brokaw


A pretty amusing blog post by Brian Williams on his choosing the Philharmonic over the annual NASCAR gala here in NYC. An excerpt:

At some point last Friday afternoon, Tom Brokaw came up to me in the newsroom and said, “Will I see you tonight?” I immediately knew what he meant. The annual NASCAR banquet – a spectacular yearly celebration of the sport, a night of racing immersion, hard partying and debauchery — was held Friday night at the Waldorf in New York. As a big fan of the sport and an admirer of the drivers, I usually attend. Not this year. Friday night, my wife and I had long-standing plans (which were made before we knew the exact date of the NASCAR banquet) to do something that was a first for us: attend the New York Philharmonic. Tom had a speaking role in the banquet: he was paying tribute to the NASCAR legends we had lost over the past year — names like Bobby Hamilton, Benny Parsons, and the NASCAR patriarch of the modern era, Bill France, Jr. From what I’ve read on the NASCAR blogs, Tom did a spectacular job (one prominent racing blogger wonders why Tom can’t be named permanent host of the event — I’ll gladly add my support to that nomination). During his remarks he happened to tell the crowd where I was, and why I wasn’t with them at the banquet. I’m now going to catch flak for this for years. I will retaliate.

Yes, the above is an excerpt. It’s an amusing, but long blog post.


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