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YouTube/CNN Post Debate


YouTube/CNN has a handy page up that pairs the questions asked with the responses of the candidates.  Hillary’s general’s question, although reportedly pulled from the re-broadcastis still online.

My thoughts on the whole debate…

If any of the candidates had bothered to have staffers watch the videos, they would have seen what seemed like a bias of Democratic supporters over true Republicans who had submitted videos.  It looks like YouTube has pulled the 5000 or so submissions down (at least my search skills aren’t good enough to find them), but from what I remember when I was watching the videos from time to time, it was pretty easy to ferret out the Dems.  All you had to do was click on the username of the person submitting the video and you’d see any other video they posted.  CNN was lazy, no doubt about it.

As for the general’s question, that was one of the videos I  had watched and I knew it would be asked.  The staffs should have been ready for it and one of the candidates could have made the debate by alerting CNN, on live television, of CNN’s error.  A real missed opportunity, if you ask me.  (And I wished I had bothered to Google his name when I watched the video.  Mistakes all around)

The Yankee question at the end was absurd.  We can blame CNN and the MSM all we want for this fluff, but at some point the candidates have to start refusing to answer nonsense questions.  Diamonds or perals, boxer or briefs, Yankees or Red Sox….enough already.


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